Some businesses or facility owners reach the point where the interior of a space has to be remodeled or renovated.

For some business owners, there comes a point where they have to remodel their space to keep it current and able to meet modern commercial demands or they may need to revamp the interior of their facility if their business expands into new departments. Also landlords that rent space may have to do more than one interior build out, as each new tenant may have different requirements for the building.

Throughout the years, we’ve built strong relationships with sub-contractors and vendors, who in turn give us premium discounts on materials and labor. These savings are passed on to our clients, whether it is the project owner or a general contractor, allowing us to offer competitive pricing on all of our construction projects. 

Yaar Construction is a tough competitor, and our experience and will to compete often win the job.



& Design Build

INTERIOR construction


We bid on and commence general contracting work as it’s awarded to us when design is near completion. We hold all trade contracts and are responsible for delivering all work based on a lump sum or agreed price cap. This approach requires less day-to-day involvement on the owner’s side and assumes project variables are more clear-cut.

In addition, our highly experienced in-house design team makes us an apt candidate for your Design-Build projects. With this approach we're responsible for all phases of the building process.

At Yaar Construction, we take nothing for granted. During the bid process and beyond, we act as a confirmed partner who works tirelessly to fulfill the owner’s objectives. We consult with the project team and remain vigilant about balancing costs so we can deliver more of what you want in the finished product. That’s the ultimate value of choosing Yaar Construction as General Contractor

Yaar Construction is a tough competitor, and our experience and will to compete often win the job.

As Construction Manager At Risk, we work alongside the architect, engineer and owner to optimize project design, schedule and cost. We negotiate a guaranteed maximum price based on design documents that, although typically incomplete, reflect the anticipated scope of the project, ensuring our price meets the client’s expectations. We also competitively bid all trade contracts to ensure the client receives the lowest price from qualified subcontractors. 

Like CM At Risk, Construction Management Agency is designed to manage complexity. But in this case we’re retained to manage our client’s interests, acting as the owner’s agent or an extension of the owner’s key staff. This frees the owner to focus on broader project dynamics while we orchestrate the details based on established goals and budgets. Yaar Construction excels both in managing process and securing the most advantageous trade relationships and delivery outcomes. From the outset we’re engaged in conceptual estimating, feasibility studies, scheduling and provisioning, value management, field supervision and preparing for owner/tenant occupancy. Our time-tested experience in these areas helps ensure a great outcome and true peace of mind for the owner through all phases of project delivery